The Power of Language… Do You Lift or Limit?

It was a journey that started more than 18 years ago…

One day (at the young age of 24) I was thinking about what I wanted for my life.

I had a pretty good life then, but like you, I had more dreams and desires that were yet to be fulfilled.

At that time more than anything I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I had been successful in the corporate world, but I always knew I wanted to create my own business, work when I wanted and of course make more money than I ever would in a corporate job.

I wanted to feel free to make the choices that I wanted and I decided I was going to live a rich life.

I was going to be, do and have what I wanted whenever I wanted.

I didn’t have a plan.

But I did believe I could… and as I looked back on some of my life events, I realized that all the things that I had SAID I wanted to happen… up to that point actually had.

What became very clear for me was the power of language… how each time I SAID I wanted something…

like I wanted to graduate high school 1 year early… I did.

like I wanted to buy a Mazda RX-7… I did.

like I wanted to work at Apple Computer {yeah at the wee age of 18 that’s what I wanted}… I did.

like I wanted to travel to Mexico to meet the little girl that I had been sponsoring and writing to for years through Compassion International… I did.

like Darsana and I wanted to live in a house in the mountains… we were.

like Darsana and I wanted to get married and honeymoon in Puerto Rico… we did.

And the list went on and on and on!

So what I learned and recognized from that little session was this…

First: I’ve always believed that whatever I wanted was possible.


Second: I’ve always spoke empowering, life giving language that reflected my beliefs. This is the power of language!

What I know now is that everything is energy and your everyday words and language are no different!

With every breath you take and every word you speak you are either breathing life into yourself and the world or you are sucking the life out of yourself and the world with your negative words and energy.

Since that moment of clarity, I’ve always strived to be even more intentional and empowering with my language, because I truly grasp the power of language to either lift or limit my life.

Instead of saying I would like to homeschool my kids, but I wouldn’t know what to do… I say my kids deserve the best so I will homeschool them. Then I take action!

Instead of saying that would be cool to own a BMW or take a trip to Puerto Rico some day… I say I like that gorgeous blue BMW X5, I’m ready to buy it… or let’s get married and honeymoon in Puerto Rico.

Then I take action!

See the pattern here??

And I teach by example with our precious kiddos, my clients, and anyone I come in contact with… to also to be intentional with their language. To really understand that their words are powerful manifestors.

Not just rattle off all sorts of phrases that other people say without even thinking.

When someone asks, How are you? What is the first thing on your mind to share?

All the dramatic details about how something during the day went wrong? How this person did something you didn’t like?

Or do you get excited to share with people how amazing your day is going, that you woke up excited to be alive and how you intend to be a light in someone else’s life today?

I could talk about this at length but what you really need to remember is this…

the power of language has the ability to either lift or limit you, others and the world!


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Speak LIFE into yourself and others, Kalyani

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