The Secret Sauce of Success

The Secret Sauce of Success

The Secret Sauce of Success

Success Begins Within

First and foremost you have to BELIEVE

This is the most important factor to all success of any kind. Regardless of what you may or may not have ever done before, how circumstances look, what you think you know or don’t know, etc. – you have to cultivate a KNOWINGNESS that anything is possible and you are right where you are NOW by… Divine appointment… for SUCCESS.

Access your INNER wisdom. Look WITHIN and step into your power.

Be a curious explorer of all things and live and operate with a take initiative attitude.

This is critical to your success in LIFE… not just as an entrepreneur. Everything that you experience in your daily life is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside your head and HEART. So it is critical to consistently clear the old stinkin thinkin and outdated ideas with empowered, uplifting and life giving thoughts and feelings. You were born with inner power. Claim It!

Be bold + take action. Don’t be afraid to look silly or make a mistake, because there are no mistakes they are just part of your barometer of success.

Always give people more than they expect.

Connection! You’ve got to connect with people and leave them with more than when they met you.

In 15+ years of being an entrepreneur I along side my hubby have created 3 different businesses (including our current one) from scratch.

Although they all seem like completely different markets…

Domestic Violence/Parenting Educational Agency

Real Estate Marketing, Advertising and Sales

Life & Biz Coaching/Mentorship

…they all are similar in the sense that WE are the common key factor in each business.

And the reason they have all been as long running and successful as they’ve been and continue to be, is because we always provide QUALITY and VALUE above and beyond any expectation.

It is the same in business and life… every person (and living creature for that matter) we come in contact with we leave them more uplifted about themself than when we first met.

Which is how we’ve been able to grow our businesses from literally $0 to over $30,000 per month.

To be and feel truly successful you have to cultivate a leader mindset for yourself.

One of the most important things you can ever do to be successful in business is to realize that you have to continue to grow yourself and you have to invest in your business in order to profit in your business.

You take action and learn as you go, and as you learn you will grow and have stronger value to offer, but you need to step into and own the unique value that you bring to the world now… everything is energy and people will resonate and attract to you.

If you want to experience FULL purpose + passion + prosperity… then you’re going to have to CLAIM IT first!
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Success begins within darling, Kalyani

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