The Right Coach

The right coach will not claim to be the expert, they will help you sharpen your own expert inner wisdom.
There’s nothing that gets to me more than someone who has had one moment of a particular triumph that then claims to be an expert in the field, that can change your life.
That’s fantastic that they had their triumph, but that does not qualify them to be anyone’s expert… and I certainly won’t trust my healing or expansion to them.
And unfortunately this is all too common in the personal development arena.
Darsana and I are honest, in depth coaches, that have most definitely experienced way more than one moment of triumph. We are walking embodiments of our own work for more than 25 years, that between us have eliminated alcohol, drug and food addictions that are no longer even a thought or desire in our life, AND
even more importantly…
have become masters over the most prevalent addiction that affects every person in our society today to some degree…
especially us super driven high performers…
the addiction of thinking and feeling not good enough no matter how much you achieve!
Feel free to watch this webinar where we share EXACTLY how to maximize your passionate drive to liberate yourSELF from this emotionally paralyzing addiction:
We know of no other teaching that actually understands and reveals the truth of the addiction at this depth of integrity + innovation.
Were paving a new way that isn’t hard, doesn’t undermine your intelligence and is actually done with class and dignity.
Even though you’ve already been through other methods or programs… and although they mean well, they couldn’t resonate or work with your exceptional standards, because they’re lacking a very crucial aspect and built on a foundation of misconception…
they’re intended to help you control an addiction they believe you will always have.
Instead we show you how to recalibrate your natural thriving code that liberates you from the REAL addiction and any desire at all to engage ever again in sabotaging behaviors.
However it does require you to unlearn all the traditional outdated stuff you’ve been told and think you already know about addiction.
Helping our clients really see the truth about addiction so they can naturally eliminate it from their life forever, is what we do!
And quite honestly our method is the best in the world!
We get it that you feel let down from trusting others to have your back and they didn’t.
Watch our webinar and you’ll feel the connection right away… we only have your best interests at heart AND we wholeheartedly got your back!
Kalyani & Darsana XO



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