{VIDEO} Is YOUR WHY Strong Enough?

Is Your Why Strong Enough

What’s YOUR WHY… Is It Strong Enough to Keep You Inspiration In Action??!!

Everyone’s WHY for doing what we do in Life and Business at any given time is going to be different.

HINT: It’s NOT MONEY… more money may have been the initial motivation for giving you the kick in the pants to take different action, but money is just what gives you the breathing space to experience more FREEDOM to… be with your kiddos? homeschool? travel? help others? get active with organizations? …you fill in the blank

No matter what it is though, it’s got to be compelling enough to keep you motivated and on track when your unconscious mind wants to creep in and give you all the reasons why you couldn’t and shouldn’t do what you say you want to do.

It will try to convince you that it’s ok to NOT take action today. Don’t listen to or believe those crazy lies! As Dory, from one of my favorite movies – Finding Nemo, would say… Just Keep Swimming!!!

For the Radical Roldans… our WHY… our JOY of being present with our kiddos showing them that LIFE is a GIFT to be treasured… that they ALWAYS know they are magnificent manifestations of the Divine… that no matter what they desire to express it’s just waiting their recognition… is so compelling that NOTHING EVER stands in our way or stops us from living our most extraordinary life with them.

And together as a family we are empowering each other and people like YOU to make money to make a difference in our families, our communities and our world!


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