{VIDEO} Precious Pitbull Brothers Saved From the Jaws of Death

Pitbull and animal rescue

Shadow's Fund Sheltering Oaks Sanctuary

Shadow’s Fund will stop at nothing… they continue rescuing one precious pitbull after another from the jaws of death!

Never give up! Never Surrender! This is the motto for everyone that gives endlessly from their heart at Shadow’s Fund in Lompoc, CA.

And now they need your help! Please GIVE GENEROUSLY! 

Shadow's Fund Sheltering Oaks Sanctuary Pitbull Rescue


Shadow's Fund Sheltering Oaks Sanctuary Pitbull Rescue

But what I want you to know is this… about 2 years ago, Jill and Cody, the owners of Shadow’s Fund, stepped in to save two very deserving young boy pitbull dogs from the over crowded high kill shelter in Camarillo, CA.

They did not personally see these two pitbull brothers that had been brought in from Police confiscation from someone’s back yard where they were being used as bait dogs.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term bait dog… it means they were very maliciously having their legs hog tied and their mouths tied or taped shut to be immobilized so that other dogs could be trained to attack them.

They were viciously attacked, beaten, starved, tied so tight that it tore through their skin down to the bone and even had acid poured on them. It’s sick and sad!

So one of these pitbull boys laying there lifeless, in the shelter holding cell, almost near death, from all his open wounds and all the abuse he had endured was scheduled to be euthanized the next day.

Miraculously he was spotted by a woman that regularly visits the shelter and she immediately reached out for help from Shadow’s Fund in Lompoc, CA – nearly 2 hours north from Camarillo, CA.

Of course Jill and Cody said they had the funds and the facility, DAWG, in Santa Barbara to help with his recovery and boarding.

So she told the shelter that she would be back the next day first thing to get the poor pitbull boy out…

only to hear from the shelter worker that he had come in with another pitbull boy covered in open wounds and near death from the same Police confiscation!

Fortunately Shadow’s Fund was able to rescue both!

And through the help and LOVE of DAWG – Dog Adoption & Welfare Group and their dedicated doctors and staff being with these two pitbull boys hour after hour – day after day – and MANY other giving people…

these two pitbull brothers were given another chance at a real LIFE.

Miraculously they both made it and only wear the physical scars today of the tragic life they once endured.

One day Darsana and I were walking at the Santa Barbara Beach path… and even though we had seen dogs walking there every morning for 8 months, this precious pitbull boy was walking with his service vest packed neatly with his training treats.

The moment I saw him I was drawn in by his energy! And I could feel that he was drawn to us too!

As he came closer he began to make a whining noise… and then he was right there… and with his tail wagging he just rolled over on his back and said with his whines…

take me home… I’ve been waiting for you all my life! And the rest is history!

It turns out that the gal that was walking him that day, Angela, who is now a very good friend of ours, fell in love with and adopted the brother. (And after only a few conversations we inspired Angela listen to her dreams and start Deserving Dogs Rescue & Rehabilitation.)

These two brothers have touched and inspired SO MANY people with their courage… because through all the tragedy they endured… they Never Gave Up and Never Surrendered!

They knew in their souls there was something more that they were here for!

And I’m thrilled to share that today, these two pitbull brothers, now known as Gandhi and Buddha are the SWEETEST, most LOVING and LOVED, JOY FILLED pitbull brothers I’ve ever met!


Press the Photo BELOW to See These Awesome Pitbull Brothers Lovin Life Now

 Gandhi & Buddha1

Buddha & Gandhi

Gandhi & Buddha2

Gandhi & Buddha

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