{VIDEO} The Power of Talking Crap and Why We Actually Should Be

The Power of Talking Crap and Why We Actually Should Be

I know what you’re thinking… I get it… I don’t advocate talking CRAP… but in this case you will actually empower someone…

Who would’ve known that talking CRAP with my kids this morning could be so enlightening and empowering. This obviously is not something that we ever do (well shit we’re not perfect, so it happens occasionally), but somehow during homeschool time we found ourselves engaged in this… and it was truly an eye opener and a game changer in our life!

Here’s the riddle I shared on our Facebook Page: 2.5 billion people don’t have it… 7 billion people are affected by it… it can harvest life saving material… and young women are taking a stand against men who don’t have it… what is it?

Rose George is giving powerful testimony about why we actually need to start talking CRAP… that’s a paradox!

You’ve got to watch this engaging video about the power of talking CRAP and how it is changing lives in ways I guarantee you are not even aware of…

and watch it till the end to see how how one young woman’s brave act of talking CRAP has started a powerfully game changing movement.

I bet you… just like me… your perception of talking CRAP has completely shifted… and you will never again think that talking CRAP is a negative thing.


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