When You Know You’re Called to Be More

When You Know You're Called to be More

What do you do??

When you know your life is calling… deeper meaning is calling… and you feel compelled to it… but you have much at stake… and security seems so much more important… yet you feel beckoned by purpose + passion + prosperity…

What do you do??

Well if ya know anything about me already, you know that I’m a firm believer that we all know our own answers within {even if they are buried deep}, so the most authentic advice I can give you is to listen to your inner wisdom… be true to yourself… and take the action you’re being called forth to, even if it all feels scary, cuz at one point in the journey you’ll realize how LIBERATED you feel for having made the decision.

Right now if you know you need guidance and mentorship to help you through to your next level of deeper more meaningful calling then Let’s Create Together.

And I’m going to demonstrate what that might look like by sharing some of my own experience going through my journey.

Our family is known as the Radical Roldans… cuz we embrace change to live fully {although not always fearlessly} and follow the ever changing flow in the tide of our life.

Darsana and I met in 1993 when we both lived in Northern California (Silicon Valley) as it’s known. I worked at Apple Computer for 5 years and 3Com for 2 years or so and another start up with a friend from Apple.

Darsana worked at Quantum and a few other high tech companies before he switched to managing a Drinking Driving program.

After many years of taking 3 day weekends to escape the dead end work life, we both realized that we wanted to be our own bosses, so we began our entrepreneurial adventure by partnering up with a Domestic Violence teaching agency to eventually branch of and create our own.

Fast forward to 1997… we had our dream wedding and honeymoon on the beaches of Puerto Rico.

Fast forward a few more years and we have our son Jivani, and then 3 years later our daughter, Jamaili, is on the way… and we knew it was time to get out of the fast paced life of Silicon Valley and experience a new life adventure with our kiddos.

Call me crazy… but I envisioned living in a quaint little neighborhood, being friends with our neighbors… and should I need it… I could ask for a cup of sugar.

So we moved to our long time dream of Sunny Florida by way of a 6 month stay in Texas in 2004.

We bought our first home together in the Legends Golf and Country Club in Clermont, FL.

Legends Golf & Country Club, Clermont, FL
the Radical Roldans Living in Legends Golf & Country Club, Clermont, FL
the Radical Roldans 1st Home
the Radical Roldans 1st Home in Legends Golf & Country Club, Clermont, FL

Not exactly quaint… but definitely stunning! And we did have many friends… and yes I did ask for sugar as well as many other things. We even put Christmas lights up together.

When we arrived to Florida we did not have jobs or any form of income… yep you read correctly… we bought our first house in this gorgeous private gated community with no job or income!

So what did we do? What anyone could do… we went on to create a multimillion dollar real estate agency – with no prior knowledge of real estate business before! ;o)

We were enjoying the “high life” making more money than we’d ever made – clearing $30,000 – $50,000 month after month!

Fast forward again… but you can read more juicy details at Make Decisions Not Excuses.

Then in 2009 just 6 months after we moved into our new custom designed 5200 sq ft home (investing $80,000 cash into custom finishes before we even moved in) and after our usual 3 month Christmas break from real estate – spending a month of that playing with family that we had flown out from California…

Darsana awoke one morning to share with me that he’d had the realization that the unfulfillment aching in his heart was not going to be filled through selling millions of dollars of real estate to people that thought they wanted to live the American Dream.

Now let’s be honest… regardless of where you are in your life journey… we all know when that little voice speaks to us at times… to let us know that we’re not really on the right path… but we all have the tendency to ignore it for a bit… but then no matter the circumstances there comes a moment when you just can’t ignore the voice anymore.

We both knew that we had reached that point… and after a long day of discussion we made the scary decision to change course in our business and life!

Now at this time we lived in the Legends Golf and Country Club in the sweet rolling hills of the quaint up and coming town of Clermont, Florida.

For those of you like us that have never heard of Clermont, FL – it’s 20 miles west of Orlando – one of the worlds most desirable travel destinations – receiving over a million visitors a month because its home to Walt Disney World theme parks, Universal Studios and many many other fun attractions.

So like I said we had been living in our newly built 5200 sq ft custom home for under a year and we were renting out the first 3500 sq ft home we purchased in the same community in 2004 – covering a third of that mortgage, we “owned” and were paying the mortgage on the home that Darsana’s parents lived in and we had 2 other rental properties.

Darsana and I both drove luxury BMWs and we had the best of everything we thought we desired in life at that time… and if there was something else we wanted we bought it or something we wanted to do we did it!

No expense was ever spared!

So you may be asking right now… Kalyani why would you want to give up all that?

Well we didn’t really want to give it up we just wanted to do something more meaningful that inspires other people to live their dreams. And sometimes you find out that you have to give up something of lower value to create + live something of greater value.

Even though making this decision to change course in our career put a lot of our responsibilities at stake, we moved forward in search of restructuring our complicated lifestyle to be more simple and free with more travel…

we wanted to change people’s perception about money… that it’s not only necessary, it’s fun and much more fulfilling to make more than you need so you can put it to life changing use.

Yes, the Radical Roldans believe {and you should too} you can be rich, live your dreams and be spiritually heart centered to make an even more powerful positive impact in the world!

Maybe that’s why they call us Radical…

However this is where it gets a bit dicey…

The soul searching and growth curve was longer than we anticipated…

the economy was crashing, people were losing jobs and that left us with 3 houses with renters that couldn’t pay the rent.

without adequate cash flow we couldn’t sustain the expensive empire we’d built so we had to file bankruptcy.

Over the next few months one by one the cars were repossessed… first Darsana’s BMW 325i then my dream car BMW x5… gone.

Over the next several months as we were selling a lot of the stuff we had accumulated, we began to realize that we really didn’t want to stay and fight for the house we were living in anymore.

So what’s a family to do… we decided to sell everything but what we really cherished that could fit into 3 storage pods…

And our family of 4 humans and 8 animals hit the road traveling the US and Canada for the next 16 months by RV.

Network Marketing Leader - Have Fun With Life, Help Others, That's How You Make Money

And that’s how Lifestyle of the Rich & Conscious – Recycling the Human Potential – was born. We shared with people about living a more simply abundant life free of stuff, being an entrepreneur because it gives you more freedom to live your dreams, and doing something meaningful that serves other people.


And though at the time this part of the journey of letting go of so much we worked so hard to create seemed very devastating to my ego and I really wasn’t sure what the hell it was all going to mean in the end… one of my very special mentors said to me…

“A BAD day for the EGO is always a GOOD day for the SOUL.” Rev. Michael Beckwith

Much love my friend on your wild adventure of life. Every moment is part of the glorious landscape.


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