Why I HATE and LOVE Social Proof

Why I Hate and Love Social Proof

Social Proof

Because YOU are NOT defined by Social Proof!

I HATE it cuz when you’re just getting started it literally can stop you dead in your tracks frozen with fear before you even get out of the gate.

I LOVE it cuz it can help potential new clients feel more at ease that your programs + products + services can help them.

Wikipedia defines Social Proof as: a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect the correct behavior for a given situation.

What?!?! In simple words {cuz ya’ll know I love simplicity} – building trust and confidence > she did it and it worked for her, so I have a greater chance of it working for me or she has client testimonials and I don’t cuz I don’t have any clients yet or that person has soooo many likes and followers, etc.

When I first got started coaching women + MOM entrepreneurs, coming from a completely different business {managing our offline Real Estate Sales & Marketing biz} I really hated {and I never use this word – so you know I mean it} seeing other people with their Facebook Pages with thousands and tens of thousands of likes and all their followers on other social media sites…

cuz all I could think was how the hell will I ever get those kinds of numbers too. And it had me doubting my own worth and ability to provide the kick-ass transformational services that deep inside I knew I really could.

But the truth I discovered is that it’s not about the numbers… but then I’ve never operated ANY of my businesses based on numbers – and maybe that’s a bit naive – we’ve always been focused on providing the highest level of service… period! And the results have always spoken for themselves… for both our clients and our financial success.

So unplug from any and all the noise out there that wants you to believe that you need to learn how to get zillions of likes and followers and shares and retweets, etc in order to be successful.

Just get started creating and sharing quality content that inspires + empowers + uplifts + helps people transform their lives… even if it’s one person at a time…

In the case that you are just getting started… you may not have social proof – but YOU CANNOT… I repeat – CANNOT let that stop you from moving forward with your message, movement, product or service.

Just remember EVERYONE had to get started just like you!

The key is sharing your authentic experience from your heart.

The FEAR that if you don’t have any testimonials (social proof of your greatness) yet because you haven’t had any clients it will be hard to get your first client.

It can keep you frozen in your tracks from getting started.

So let’s just blow the biggest issue out of the water!

FEAR. You all know this stands for FEELING ECSTATIC ALWAYS REWARDS.

So why wouldn’t you want to be rolling in FEAR?

Here’s 3 VERY IMPORTANT things to remember:

1. You are your best testimonial for results and transformation. If you represent ALL that you say you stand for and can help others with then you will KNOW and BELIEVE that this is all the social proof necessary.

2. If you’ve ever helped any of your friends achieve what you are now teaching or want to start teaching through your business then ask them some specific questions that generate answers that can be translated into a great testimonial… of who you are – your character – your commitment – your expertise, etc.

3. If you are being authentically you and genuinely sharing your gifts and value with others with some simple techniques, there are people out there already who will naturally resonate with who you are, the way you deliver your message and how your energy is the perfect match to serve them.

Don’t be so easily swayed to think that you will not have the opportunity to impart your wisdom and transformation for others if you haven’t had any clients, results, success, enough likes or followers, etc yet.

God inspired you with this message and movement for the purpose of it unfolding through you!

Let’s try this fun scenario…

Think of a time you spontaneously met someone. You hit it off great. Immediate connection. It’s a potential friendship or love interest.

But then you start to doubt that you were meant to meet. You ask the person if they have references or testimonials about how reliable, honest, funny, successful, etc. they are.

They stare at you with a perplexed look in their face.

You tell them… I don’t really trust my intuition that we were divinely guided to meet each other. Even though I was immediately drawn to your energy and we’re having fantastic uplifting conversation and a great time together, I won’t be taking this any further.

Sorry… No Social Proof. No Testimonials. No Further!


That’s the HATE/LOVE relationship with social proof.

You have to trust in the law of synchronization. Know that all people, energy, events and timing are Divinely synchronized for perfect reasons.

Be authentic and truthful. Believe in Yourself. And others will too.

Get started! You’ll get your social proof.


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To your glorious success, Kalyani

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