Why You’ll Thrive as a MOMpreneur

Why You'll Thrive as a MOMpreneur

Why You'll Thrive as a MOMpreneurMost of us “want” something more in our life, but not everyone will believe they are meant to live the life they want doing what they love… and actually access/use their God given discipline + determination + commitment + perseverance to come alive and do it… to go from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY.

Often times people FEAR {False Evidence Appearing Real} the risk of stepping out of what seems like the safety zone… the so called stability of a job that let’s you make money just for showing up each day. Besides the TRUTH that there’s…

no creative juices flowing

no purposeful intention

no self expression

no inspired action

no fulfillment

there’s NO stability either… I know cuz just like that one day I had a job and the next day I was “laid off” and don’t fool yourself that just because your boss values and appreciates your great contribution that you won’t be let go… again I know cuz even after 5 years of awesome work at what I thought was the coolest company in the world – Apple, Inc – I was still expendable…

it’s an illusion you’re choosing to believe to keep you from really stepping out…

even though in your HEART + SOUL you know you are meant for more…

this is what I call the {uncomfortable} comfort zone.

Of course I’m not talking to those of you that believe you love your job {and its really the only way}… so no need to fire your feedback here.

Truth be told… I’ve never believed that anyone loves or likes or even enjoys their job… you just really see it as the only way so you make the best of it.

And now I’m here confirming what you already KNOW…

YOUR human spirit is designed to be creative and we THRIVE in our greatest potential when we are inspired!!

I’m talking to those of you that follow the automatic pilot setting each day and then find the need to share with others how much you don’t want to go to work today or don’t like your boss or can’t stand the office politics… etc, etc, etc.

I know… I’ve been there myself…

waking at 4:30am in order to get my workout in before heading off to work for the day…

thinking about the amazing life I could have and wanted so badly… as I’m slowly creeping along the highway at 7:00am in the morning to get to work that was only 15 minutes away but actually took me 1 – 1 1/2 hours with everyone else zombie like going to work.

And then counting the hours and sometimes the minutes {feeling so sleep deprived and uninspired} until the hour of freedom arrived again.

Only to get in the car and drive again for another 1 – 1 1/2 hours eager to get home…

Just to start all over again the next morning!!!

Thank God that I ended that insanity almost 20 years ago now… and I’m so thankful everyday that I made the decision…

And at the time I was pretty certain that the fear I was feeling about whatever uncertainty I was about to step into or bumps or big failures I might encounter along the way having my own business…

had to be 100x better than staying stuck in the crazy spin cycle I was in.

And the truth is… I was RIGHT!!!

I made the decision with NO intention or option to turn back.

And these past almost 20 years have been a wild adventure filled with all sorts of twists and turns… ups and downs… successes and failures… just like life is supposed to be!!

And because I was willing to believe in myself and my hubby… and our dreams and visions of…

True freedom of choice everyday

Money to be + do + have + give whatever we want whenever we want

Live wherever we want regardless of price {or available jobs}

Have kiddos and not miss a single moment learning and growing with them

Better yet be able to birth them where we choose not where insurance dictates

Homeschool {or if you already know the Radical Roldáns we call it LIFEschool} our kiddos so they truly get the best education that inspires and empowers them

Eat healthy food regardless of price

Have any necessary REAL health care regardless of insurance or where they say you can go

Buy our dream home in Florida

Buy my BMW dream car {which I did 3 times}

I think you get the point… we’ve experienced EVERY item on this list and more!!

And even though we’ve personally created incredible wealth in all the pillars of life for our family…

no matter what I wouldn’t trade even a second of any of the most challenging and growing times!!

No matter what happens on the journey just the fact that you say YES to the GIFT of LIFE… you are SUCCESS… you are FREE!!

You were born to be ALIVE {I’m sure you’ve heard the song}!

And yes you will have to risk something… being willing to let go of anything that’s really not serving your greatest good…

cuz when you hold back and play it safe that is the biggest risk you’ll ever take in your life.

So whether you’ve been thinking about something you’d love to do or you’re not even sure what you want to do…

but you know that it’s your time to be living in more FREEDOM + MONEY + MEANING for you and your family…

I’m here to help!!!

We’ve got THE tools + training + guidance + mentoring… and we’ll skip along the journey together teaching you step by step everything the Radical Roldáns have learned and implemented during our journey to create and build our happy thriving family AND multiple 6 figure successful businesses long before it was even the in thing to do my friend…

so you too can live your simply extraordinary life making money AND making a difference!!!

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Feel the Freedom, Kalyani

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